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Drone Roof inspections: 3 Ways They Are Improving Roofing Inspections

Posted by Tim Harris on Sep 5, 2018 10:10:00 AM

For years construction personnel, handymen, and other engineers have scaled to the tops of commercial roofs for inspections, projects and planning. Never quite able to see the scale of the roof and everything on it/in it, these people also risked their lives to go out onto such treacherous pathways.




Thanks to technology today, there’s a new way to do UK roof inspections, and it’s through our aerial friend: the drone. Able to capture a bird’s eye view of the roof, as well as every last detail pertaining to the roof and even the sides of the roof, here are 3 critical ways in which drones are improving roofing inspections:


  1. Unmatchable Safety:

As we mentioned above, scaling roofs isn’t always the safest activity for everyone involved. Once you do get to the roof, as a human, you have a limited ability of what data and information you can gather. Many times, individuals put themselves in harm’s way to get the info they need. Whether it’s complex designs, great heights, deteriorated roofs and structures, as well as hard to reach areas, using a remote controlled drone machine will take all of the danger and worry out of the equation. Not to mention, these drones will gather a wider range of imagery and data for you to mull over when it’s all said and done!


  1. Top Data Collection:

When it comes to roofing inspections, if you’re looking to build, expand, or demolish, you better acquire the right kind of data to make the final assessment. Drones can access almost any part of the building, gathering more information than an inspector would have been able to. The drones can capture photo or video from a variety of perspectives, enabling you to compare angles so you really know what you’re working with. Plus, drones have a GPS system that make it easy for you to fly the drone up and take the same picture or video, from the same spot, over a longer period of time.


  1. Quicker Project Completion:

The whole point of technology is to expedite a process that previously took us a lot of time. With UK drones, you can now cut the time spent on roofing inspections in half using your personal drone tool. Drones require no mounting and climbing or equipment access. They don’t even require a whole team be present. Just fly it up, examine the location, and rest assured that all data has been transmitted to the data team immediately using cloud technology. Complete your projects faster than ever before.


Digital Soldiers

Here at Digital Soldiers, we keep you up to speed on the ability, depth, and performance of UK drones. The true potential of drones is just beginning in our country, able to infiltrate and expedite every industry we know and love today. If not for safety, commercial drone roof inspections should become mandatory for productivity, accuracy and timeliness. Check out our Commercial inspections page on our website for more information and services click here 

Topics: Drone Roof Inspections

The true potential of drones is just beginning in our country.

If not for safety, commercial drone roof inspections should become mandatory for productivity, accuracy and timeliness.


  • Unmatchable Safety
  • Top Data Collection
  • Quicker Project Completion.

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