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What is the Top Inspection Drone ?

Posted by Tim Harris on Aug 6, 2019 9:15:01 AM

DJI m210 inspection drone 

There are many different drones available for those looking for reliable options for their inspection projects. Some options are more affordable than others, and some have different features as well as advantages and disadvantages. Today, we are going to look into the DJI m210 Inspection drone and the most important features it offers. This will allow you to make an informed decision when you finally make your purchase.

 DJI m210 inspection Drone front

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The main features of the DJI M210

With so many great drones available on the market, it can be hard to find drone models that truly stand out. The M210 series are known for providing quality in every aspect of drone design and reliability. We are going to review the main features that make the M210 so appealing.

  • Very portable

One of the things that drone buyers seem to fail to consider is the importance of how portable their drone unit is. Being able to carry a drone in a case when traveling is essential. This drone comes with a very compact and durable case that keeps it protected from bumps and drops. 

  • Weather resistant

This drone can handle very harsh weather conditions and still perform well. That is not to say you could test the drone during a hurricane, but it can be raining. The temperature can be cold or hot, and the drone will not malfunction or have any operational issues at all. This makes it an excellent choice for those who have to work under difficult conditions.

  • Flight time

This drone has a total of 38 minutes of flight time per full battery charge. This can vary depending on the manoeuvres and the use of the camera, but on average, you can expect at least 35 minutes of flight from this particular model. 

  • Assembly

This drone comes with an instruction manual but the assembly process for the M210 is incredibly simple and fast. Most people could assemble this drone without guidance. It can be ready for flight in a matter of minutes once you get used to the process.

  • The intelligent flight features

This drone comes equipped with a number of flight modes that provide outstanding results when inspecting any area. For example, you can use the point of interest setting to circle around any kind of object in order to create a perfect shot. The active track mode gives the ability to follow any person or object and make sure the drone is always at the same distance and position. The spotlight mode allows the drone to fly freely around while locked to an object. These modes are extremely helpful and give the pilot some excellent options for auto pilot drone flight. 

  • Software options

Every drone in the M200 series can be used with the DJI GO 4 app. This is an app that can be installed easily on any iPad or tablet and it provides all the features you could ever need. Then you have the DJI FlightHubTM which gives you a robust set of flight control and planning options.

Once you have your footage, you can easily retrieve it from the drone to transfer it to any device or computer for proper evaluation. This is a very seamless process that allows for optimal workflow. When a drone helps you save minutes of precious time during any project, this can easily translate to thousands of pounds saved and many hassles and setbacks prevented.

DJI m210 inspection Drone side

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  • The DJI z30 30x optical zoom camera 

This drone is equipped with the impressive Zenmuze Z30 camera. The zoom lens on this particular model is the most powerful available in the industry at this moment. This camera was designed for industrial applications and provides an outstanding level of optimal magnification for any flight recording process. This means that the drone can be flying at a very safe distance from any object while inspecting it as the level of zoom and magnification allows good definition without the drone needing to get close to dangerous structures and areas that are too vulnerable to risk collision. This camera comes with a fully integrated system and it gives users optimal accuracy to obtain the most reliable inspection results.

The proximity that is achieved with this drone and this specific camera is truly an advantage that you don’t find with most other drones, making this a unit and camera that stand out from the rest. The level of detail in the zoom process is incredibly sharp and the quality of the footage does not suffer in the process. This also helps you save money on requirements such as cranes and scaffolding that might be required to inspect certain structures high in the air. 

We are talking about a photo lens that gives you a 30x optical zoom feature. This is incremented by the 6x digital zoom that provides maximum clarity and closeness. The video that is captured in any of these zoom settings is always 1080p in full HD. The camera will maintain a smooth 30 frames per second in most situations.

Every project sees the benefit of using this drone and camera. The stability of the drone during flight and the quality of the camera footage are truly exceptional. This drone is not only used for construction and development inspections, but also for safety inspections when dealing with dangerous situations such as fires etc. and for this reason It has become such a popular drone choice in the firefighting industry and also in law enforcement. A drone this versatile has the ability to be utilised by a large number of industries and professions.

It’s also remarkable how the gimble technology used in this drone and camera setting allow for such steady footage. You won’t be seeing any shaking of blurring taking place. We are taking about a truly unique and reliable unit that far exceeds expectations. You get the highest image quality, the steadiest flight footage and the highest level of zooming without compromising the quality of the images.

  • Final thoughts

There are few drones that can match the level of control quality and durability that you get from the DJI M210. The flight features, weather resistance and flight time are all excellent additions that make this a serious consideration to purchase. The Zenmuse Z30 camera is an added attraction that is able to perform in truly outstanding ways thanks to the steady flight of the drone.

In our experience, this drone never fails to impress and can be utilised for all sorts of inspections and exploration. You will be purchasing a drone that provides a solid return on investment and this makes it an outstanding choice that never fails to deliver what it promises on paper.


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DJI m210 inspection Drone below

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